• Air transportation

    The main profile of our company is air transportation. In the era of accelerating industrial development  it has become essential to deliver commodities to their destination as quickly as possible. It is obvious that air transportation is the key of maintaining industrial development. As we would like to take part in this process, we believe that our role is to provide high quality services in this field.

    Air transportation
  • Sea freight

    Sea transportation would be an optimal solution in case of large quantity of goods to be transported overseas or in case of shipments when time factor is less important. Among our partners there are several great shipping offices with widespread networks worldwide, thus we are able to organise shipments from and to the main ports of Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

    Sea freight
  • Land transportation

    Our own truck fleet mostly serves pick up and door delivery issues, we organise further transportations with our reliable subcontractors,  making us possible to deliver commodities by vehicles from 1,5 tonnes to 24 tonnes capacity. Besides full truck service, we also provide console truck service.

    Land transportation

The main profile of our hundred per cent Hunagrian proprietary company FastAir-Cargo Forwarding Ltd. is airfreight, seafreight and land transportation. Our company, established in 2003, has several years of experience in transportation that we cordially share with our partners.

We provide the advantages of micro firms such as flexibility, special shipments or after hour handling services. We are able to handle all aspects of seafreight or land transportation as well,  since we have built up great and reliable partnership with our forwarding sub-contractors.

Our main goal is to provide quality services regarding air-, land-  and sea transportation,  as a result, serve the commercial and industrial development of markets worldwide. As contracted partners of all airlines to be found in Hungary, we have the the opportunity to find optimal solutions and prices for our customers considering their special needs, as well.  FastAir-Cargo Ltd., as member of  World Freight Network is represented in several countries of the world and serves its customers in all fields of shipment, such as door-to-door delivery, pick up, freight collect shipments or customs clearance.

We have extensive relations worldwide regarding charter trade, thus we have resort to several airlines and their fleet in order to serve all needs of our clients.

Our company has great experience in special cargo as well, such as dangerous goods, live animals, foodstuff, human remains, chilled goods, cord blood or high value commodities, and we also deal with oversized or heavy cargo, even with emergency shipments. Through our electronic tracking system we are able to follow our shipments’ way and momentary location.

Our colleagues regularly take part in  trainings in order to acquire up-to-date knowledge of relevant conditions of transportation concerning several airlines thus we can continuously provide reliable information to our partners. We believe that the key to  handle and deliver goods in proper condition and in time we ensure our colleagues continuous training in this field.

In case of land transportation, besides our truck fleet we cooperate with our contracted partners who also provide us with wide range of vehicles. As a result we are able to organise transportation from 1,5 tonnes to 24 tonnes capacity. We deal with both inland and outland transportation, we also undertake oversized, chilled goods or even those with frost protection.

Regarding sea freight FastAir-Cargo Ltd. also relies on extensive partnership, we are connected to the most relevant shipping companies in order to serve all needs of our customers from short transit time to discount prices. We also provide wide range of services regarding sea freight, such as less than container load (LCL) or full container load (FCL).