“Emergency Shipment”

In case of producers it happens several times that the manufacturing of a given product is in a delay despite short notice, therefore it causes huge amounts of penalty, sometimes even the loss of a business or partner.  In order to avoid such inconvenient situations our colleagues undertake shipments even after hour. We continuously organise emergency shipments, we do pick up or customs clearance even at night or at the weekend. Our aim is to organise these shipments as quickly as possible, because in this case every munite counts.
Hereby, we would like to suggest our outstanding extra services, ’Hand Carry’ and ’On Board Courier’, which mean that we provide a colleague to escort and take the commodity as a carrie-on luggage or checked luggage. These services include complete organisation, and we have the opportunity to purchase discount tickets (if necessary, we also organise accommodation). In case the size of the commodity requires further person(s), we are able to ensure further passengers to carry the good(s).