Pick up/ Door to door delivery

We offer various options for air freight and sea freight. Besides airport-to-airport or port-to-port shipments, adapted to our clients’ needs we also organise pick up and delivery of commodities. With the help of our own vehicle fleet we carry out such extended services, too.

In case of export shipments we ensure pick-up in the whole area of Hungary, we even accomplish transborder pick-ups. We are at service 24 hours a day, thus we are able to do the pick-up at any time. Up to 1500 kgs weight we offer our own vehicles, above this load our reliable subcontractors do the pick up.

Concerning import shipments we also offer flexibility, we quote prices from several agencies and choose the optimal one for our clients. After  customs clearance we start the shipment of the items immediately as our goal is to deliver goods to the target location as soon as possible.