PER – Perishable goods

We deliver goods that require tempering during transportation, such as various cooled food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc. We ensure steady temperature of these goods from the beginning of the process applying special methods. We assume the packing, even we can ensure filling up the package with dry-ice or other cooling material, also  temperature controlled vehicles to deliver the goods to the airport. We ensure controlled temperature during the whole delivery process, including transit points, as well. In cases when continuous temperation is of high importance, we can ensure tempering containers during air transportation. (Envirotainer link –, thus guarantee continuous cooling chain.

FastAir-Cargo is the only Hungarian member of Perishable Logistics Specialists Network (PLSN), that is specialized in collecting and help companies dealing with perishable goods on international level. With the help of our foreigner partners we are able to organise PER shipments from door to door almost in all countries of the world.