Foreign relations

Nowadays, as a forwarder it is a must to have proper foreign partners. FastAir-Cargo Ltd., as member of  World Freight Network is represented in several countries of the world thus having widespread relationship with several agencies. Moreover, this network is continuously flaring since its establishment in 2004. As a member of WFN one has to live up to its high expectations, thus our membership guarantees high-quality services. Besides WFN we are members of further similar networks. Several partner agencies of ours are to be found in countries with significant commercial roles, such as the USA or China, consequently we have the opportunity to ask rates from various agents, thus discount prices are guaranteed. As an advantage of our membership, we can get quotations fast, as we know which agent offers the best price in the given country.

                Door-to-door delivery (both import and export) cannot mean difficulty, as through our partner agencies we can fulfill all needs. We regularly work with foreign partners, as they know we offer discount prices and give rates immediately. For further information on WFN, please click here.